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A Guarantee is Something Our Competitors Won’t Offer You.

Doesn’t It Make You Wonder Why?

What is the Tataway Clean-up Guarantee?

At Tataway, our guarantee says we stand behind our expertise and our equipment, to insure your tattoo is removed completely. So you can wear what you want, when you want, and no one will ever suspect you once had a tattoo.

How Does Our Guarantee Work?

Its easy and straightforward. When you buy a Tataway series package, you’re automatically enrolled in our clean up program. This means that after you complete all the sessions in your prescribed series, if you have stubborn ink remaining, we will clean it up for only a fraction of your standard session costs. In most cases you’ll save 75%-85%!

And it doesn’t matter how stubborn your ink may be.

In approximately 1 out of every 10 cases, we come across inks that are unusually difficult to remove. It’s caused by a combination of factors, ranging from skin pigment and the age of the tattoo, to the chemical makeup of the inks used in the tattoo.

And if your tattoo happens to be among the 1 in 10, our guarantee will save you money. Maybe that’s why our competitors never mention it!

So remember, regardless of the reason for your stubborn ink, we stand behind our expertise and our laser equipment, and we will continue to work to remove your tattoo completely, and without draining your bank account.

That’s the Tatatway way!