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Tataway New York is centrally located in Midtown East, on Park Ave South between 26th and 27th Street. Clients coming in from Brooklyn, Williamsburg, Queens and Long Island should have no trouble taking the train in. The closest subway stop is only 1 block away, on 28th street (6 Train). If you have no patience for the local 6, we are an easy 15 min walk from Union Square and Grand Central Station, and an even easier 10 min walk from Broadway and 23rd Street.

Tataway New York is a full service tattoo removing facility, equipped with state of the art lasers (PicoSure/Rev-Lite SI), and fully certified and experienced technicians with years of tattoo removal experience.

Tattoo Removal Designed Around Your Busy Lifestyle

We value your time. We know you’re planning ahead. And we know that removing your tattoo is just one of myriad of items on your agenda. So, we’ve designed our practice to fit your needs…not ours.

Check out These Convenient, Exclusive Features You Won’t Find at Other Practices…

  • Online Appointments (appointments that fit your schedule)
  • Easy Online Consultations (It’s FREE…and saves you time!)
  • Pricing packages available for almost all budgets
  • Never wait around in the waiting room…we’ll get you started immediately!
  • We answer texts 24 hours a day!
  • Free appointment reminders and follow-ups via text!
  • Choose the appointment schedule that fits your lifestyle…not ours!
  • PicoSure Technology – the fastest tattoo removal technology available anywhere.


Tataway leads the laser tattoo removal industry by providing safe, effective full spectrum tattoo removal with the Cynosure PicoSure and the Q-Swiched RevLite SI lasers.


Tataway takes pride in utilizing multiple “top of the line” Cynosure lasers at each of our locations, which makes us the only clinic in the North East that can truly guarantee full color spectrum ink removal in a timely manor.



The technicians at Tataway perform over 12,000 treatments annually paired with the latest technology uniquely positions us to help a wide variety of clients remove unwanted Tattoos: quickly, safely, and at an affordable price!”

Our Lasers

Tataway is proud to be the first full-spectrum Pico based laser tattoo removal clinic in the U.S.

Each of our clinics is equipped with the NEW Cynosure PicoSure and the Cynosure Rev-lite SI. So whether you are visiting our Boston, NY, or Philadelphia location you are guaranteed to be treated with two the safest and most efficient lasers on the market.

PicoSure Laser

Learn more about PicoSure

RevLite SI Laser

Learn more about RevLite SI
RevLite SI