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Whitehall, PA Tattoo Removal – Safe, Effective, Affordable

Tataway Studio Whitehall is a laser tattoo removal studio that provides fast, safe and affordable tattoo removal that fits your schedule. Your appointment will usually take no more than half an hour and we make sure that you never have to wait for it to start. With over 20,000 laser tattoo removal treatments performed annually, Tataway has industry leading laser tattoo removal protocols and experience to remove your tattoo safely in the least amount of time. Pennsylvania is home to manny quality laser tattoo removal facilities. however, none have specialized in laser tattoo removal for as long nor have the overall experience of Tataway laser tattoo removal.

Tataway Studio is located inside The Seance Tattoo Parlour at 3690 Lehigh St #3c, Whitehall, PA 18052

Tataway Studio is a Q-Switched studio specializing in fading and removing tattoos for cover-ups. Our studio locations do not offer Picosure Laser or the T2 protocol designed to remove green, purple or blue ink. If you have any one of these colors or would like to remove your tattoo completely, please visit one of our full spectrum centers located in NYC, Philadelphia or Boston.



Tataway leads the laser tattoo removal industry by providing safe, effective full spectrum tattoo removal with the Cynosure PicoSure and the Q-Swiched RevLite SI lasers.


Tataway takes pride in utilizing multiple “top of the line” Cynosure lasers at each of our locations, which makes us the only clinic in the North East that can truly guarantee full color spectrum ink removal in a timely manor.



The technicians at Tataway perform over 12,000 treatments annually paired with the latest technology uniquely positions us to help a wide variety of clients remove unwanted Tattoos: quickly, safely, and at an affordable price!”

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