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Tataway’s INK Program

Tataway’s INK ( I Now Know) program is a community outreach program designed to provide at-risk  people safe and effective tattoo removal. The INK program provides FREE tattoo removal on the hands, neck, and face of those who were formerly incarcerated, former gang members, survivors of human trafficking or former sex workers.

These at-risk  people often bear the old markings on their outer selves while the inner self is actively changing and making steps towards a new life. The change is usually not easy. It’s a struggle for our client, their friends, and their families. By removing the tattoos we help our clients fade the memories by taking away the daily reminders of darker past days, leaving room for the better version of themselves both outside and in. The goal of this program is to empower those who have had the courage to change.

Employment is a huge part of making steps towards a better life. The truth of the matter is that a client who obtains employment is about 80% less likely to re-offend and return to crime or prison or need social and public services.

Tataway does the easy part …we just run the laser, the clients in our program do the real work.

Please Note:  The Tataway Ink Program is not state or federally funded and we do this to give back to the community. We reserve the right to approve individuals that meet our specific criteria and give all individuals appropriate consideration.