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Permanent Makeup – Eyebrow Tattoo Removal by Tataway

Getting permanent makeup, such as tattooed eyebrows, can provide excellent results. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work as intended.  The eyebrow colors often come out looking too dark, the shape is off or just plain unnatural.  As the ink is meant to be permanent, the only way that is guaranteed to remove it is laser.
Tataway Before After Tattoo Removal Procedure

Tattoo removal and permanent makeup removal share similarities and differences. Pigment/Ink used for both tattoos and permanent makeup are broken down by the laser and removed in the same way. The laser targets the pigment/ink, then proceeds to break it down into minuscule particles. When this happens the broken down particles are absorbed by the lymphatic system and digested naturally by the body.
Permanent makeup removal is usually a fast process with minimal treatments. The greatest difference with permanent makeup and a traditional tattoo is the depth in which the ink rests in the dermis. If done correctly permanent makeup is meant to be semi-permanent. Permanent Makeup pigment/ink rests in the epidermis whereas a traditional tattoo pigment rests in the dermis layer of the skin, which is deeper or lower than the epidermis.  The epidermis is the outermost layer of the skin where cell turnover is much more rapid. Luckily, when the ink is resting in a shallow area of the skin, the laser can reach it with greater ease and less aggravation to the surrounding tissue.
Problems arise when the technician who applied the permanent makeup goes too deep and places the pigment/ink into the dermis.  In this case removal will follow suite more similarly to a traditional tattoo, requiring more treatments and typically more discomfort.
A tell tail sign that this has happened is no visible fading in the area along with over-saturation, causing the area to appear dense and unnatural.
Much like removing a tattoo, permanent makeup removal success is largely dependent on the type of pigment/ink and the colors within the ink.  Black pigment/ink is the most easily removable, while reds, yellows, oranges and pinks and much more challenging. Permanent makeup pigments also tend to contain both titanium and iron oxide, which increases that chance of the area ink/pigment oxidizing. When this happens, the ink turns a light gray color before removal is apparent. For example, if a light brown pigment is lasered, you may not see a reduction after the first treatment. The area very well may turn grayish in color. Removal is still possible if this happens.
Every skin type is a candidate for removal of unwanted permanent makeup. It is simply a matter of skin type and color of ink used.
Tataway does not offer permanent makeup removal of either eyeliner or lip liner:
In Short, removing your unwanted permanent makeup is as unique a process as traditional tattoo removal. An in-person consultation is the best way to get all of the information required to decide if permanent makeup removal is the right choice for you.