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May 31, 2016

What NOT To Do Before a Tattoo Removal Session

Proper aftercare is important to make sure you’re getting the best results from your treatments. However, above all else, how you treat your tattoo before your treatment is crucial for the health of your skin.¬†Rather than worrying about what to do before your treatment, here’s a list of things NOT to do before you get lasered.


what not to do




Do NOT expose your tattoo to sunlight. If you’ve been in the sun recently you’re a higher risk for hypo-pigmentation (lightening of the skin).

Don’t get a spray tan. Real or not, your tan will impact your treatment.

Don’t get treated while on antibiotics. You are required to wait 14 days after your last dose before getting lasered. Be honest about your medications with your technician, as some may have negative side effects when combined with laser treatments.

Don’t come straight from the tattoo studio. If you instantly regret your tattoo, you unfortunately still must wait 6 weeks before beginning treatments.

Do NOT use topical removal creams! If you’ve given these dreadful creams a try, you must wait 6 weeks after your last use before coming in for treatments to avoid damage to the skin.

Follow these guidelines before coming in for¬†your appointment. Remember to be honest with your technician about your recent sun exposure and the medications you are currently taking. If you feel that your skin isn’t ready for treatment, we will happily reschedule your appointment!
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